Italia Cool Deli Displays

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Italia Cool Deli Displays

Italia Cool Deli Displays by Federal Hospitality Equipment

A quintessential addition for butchers and supermarkets, All Cater Hospitality Equipment’s deli displays give your customers flawless viewing of your meats and deli products, encased within a tough, stainless steel exterior with a durable glass hood from our most trusted brand in Australia Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Our deli displays feature wide display surfaces with neon interior lighting to optimise your viewing experience.

Check out our other refrigeration equipment to see what can accompany your new deli display and provide your customers and staff with the most convenient and productive service possible Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Need a food display case for your restaurant or bakery?

Non-Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

They allow you to show off your creations while giving customers an easy way to make their selections.

Non-refrigerated models are ideal for displaying your freshly-baked items that shouldn’t be stored in moist climates, such as:

  • Bread
  • Bagels
  • Some baked desserts

These bakery cases are best suited for items that are baked fresh daily and should be stored at room temperature.

Refrigerated Display Case

These are a popular choice for restaurants, bakeries, and other food service establishments because they allow you to show off foods you wouldn’t otherwise be able to show in a dry box.

For example, a refrigerated bakery display case can show off your most delicious looking cakes and pies. Restaurants can use rotating units to create an eye-catching, mouth-watering presentation for diners to choose their desserts from.

You have two options when choosing a refrigerated food display case:

  • Gravity coil: These units have a refrigeration coil at the top, so they can cool foods from above. They are ideal for seafood, deli products, meats, and salads.
  • Forced air: These use fans to circulate cold air throughout the unit. They’re the preferred choice for packaged products, bakery items, and some deli items. Because air moves throughout the cabinet, some items can dry out if they are left uncovered too long.

A bakery refrigerated display case can be used in just about any food service establishment and is a great way to show off your sweet treats.

All Cater Hospitality Equipment offers a wide selection of Italia Cool Deli Displays equipment and supplies. From meat slicers and food processors to makers and toasters, Burkett has all your deli needs covered, from elegant display cases to practical slicers and portion scales. Soup kettles, toasters, and food processors allow you to expand your menu or selection further. So, check out our selection of great deli equipment and supplies from brands you trust at prices you can afford
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