Dito Sama Accessories

Dito Sama Accessories

Dito Sama Accessories makes working life easier in your preparations. Started in the year 1945 and manufactured peeler and today it produces the widest range of dynamic preparation. It has a range of vegetable slicer, cutter mixers, planetary mixers and combined machines. All parts in contact with food are removable without the use of tools, completely dismountable and dishwasher safe with our trusted brand in Australia Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Spare Parts

Dito Sama has a wide range in dynamic preparation: food processors, planetary mixers, hand mixers, vegetable slicers and peelers. Dito Sama are a renowned brand and provides maximum performance and highest quality for the entire profession with Dito Sama mixers and slicers found in many commercial kitchens

Planetary mixer UP TO 20 LITERS

Dito Sama boasts 50 years of experience in the innovation and design of Federal Hospitality Equipment planetary mixers, from the smallest 5 liter Dmix to express your creativity up to 80 liter for professional and intensive use.

For intensive and professional kneading, blending and whipping, essential for restaurants, catering facilities and pastry making Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Discover all the range and check how to prepare the perfect dough for your pizza!


Cutting disc selection guide

This interactive guide has been developed to help you choose the cutting equipment for the TRK, TRS and TR200 series that best matches your needs.
You can opt for exploring the range either by the ingredient that you wish to process or by the size and type of the cutting disc.
The illustrated applications are by no means comprehensive representation of the full capability of the blades. With the new stainless steel discs, the limit is your own culinary creativity!
The presence of the arrow icon means that you can also play a short video tutorial demonstrating how a particular cut can be obtained.

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