Bonvue Chilled Food Display

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Bonvue Chilled Food Display

Part of Bonvue Chilled Food Display reputable collection of high-end deluxe display cases, the SL880V is the biggest, most expansive unit available in this series with most trusted brand in Australia Federal Hospitality Equipment.

The SL880V offers an eye-catching display for your light meals including sandwiches, wraps, salads, pastries, yogurts and cakes.

The biggest within Bonvue’s collection, this prized display is made for larger-scale business selling a vast range of snacks, sweets and fresh Federal Hospitality Equipment, and contains great interior lights, triple glazed glass, temp controls, quality compressors and fans Bonvue Chilled Food Display.

Practical, reliable and a relentless worker, the SL880V is a dream display for any business owner wanting to get the best presentation of their menu possible.

7 Advantages of Display Fridges For Your Food Business

A good display area

The glass door refrigerators are good for food business because they provide an excellent view of the stored products Federal Hospitality Equipment.


Glass door fridges allow the customers to see what products are stored without opening the door of the appliance.

Easy to replenish

As all of the stored products are visible, it is easy to replenish the stock. You can see the products that need to be restocked.

Better organization

As the products are visible from the outside, it compels you to keep the products well organised. The customers are always attracted to the products which are neatly organized.

Easy to clean

The glass door appliances are very easy to clean. The glass door can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It is very easy to remove the stains from a glass door.

Internal lighting

Glass display fridges have internal lighting. The internal lights are an essential component for showcasing the products to the customers.

 Great marketing tool

All business require proper marketing to succeed. The popularity of the display appliances has increased because they are the perfect marketing tool for food businesses.

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