Granita & Slushy Cold Drink Dispenser


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Granita & Slushy Cold Drink Dispenser

Granita Slushy Drink Dispenserare used for a concession stand, convenience store, gas station, snack shack, or bar. Use a Granita & Slushy Dispensers for all kind smoothies and slushies’ to frozen drinks and Granita Dispenser cocktails, varying on Australia’s liquor laws from Federal Hospitality Equipment. selection of Granita includes very high efficient models for faster operation and freeze times and also included with standard units which are used for light-duty use.

Whether for a single compartment Dispensers or a multi-bowl unit for your high-volume needs, has you covered.

Whatever you call it, nearly all frozen beverages owe at least a small debt to something called “granita.” This is often referred to as “Italian Ice” more commonly. Granita shares some common ancestry with sorbet and sherbet. They are all closely related in terms of how they are made. The ingredients and proportions vary.

A traditional granita is composed of sugar, water and any number of flavorings Federal Hospitality Equipment. Its texture is a bit more granular than sorbet. And many granita recipes involve coffee or coffee flavoring.

Food historians trace granita back to ancient Arab, Greek and Roman traditions of chilling drinks with snow and ice. In her book “Pomp and Sustenance:Twenty-Five Centuries of Sicilian Food,” author Mary Taylor Simeti suggests that the invention of granita could have even been an accident.

Build a Better Beverage Menu with These Commercial Drink Dispensers

Either for health reasons or a break from the ordinary, more customers are looking for drink choices beyond the traditional soft drinks and teas we’re all familiar with. Expand your beverage program to include offerings such as sweet slushies, fresh fruit juice, and perfectly frozen margaritas to bring in new customers and give repeat patrons something fresh to try. This guide will help you choose the right commercial drink dispensers for the job.

Slushie Machines

Sometimes called granitas, Frusheez, or slush, slushies are sweet, cold treats made from a simple, partially frozen mixture of flavored syrup and water. Slushie machines are easy to operate, and slushie mix is affordable and available in many flavors, from the classic blue raspberry and cherry to more sophisticated flavors such as mango and margarita.

Unlike shaved ice, snow cones, and other ice-based treats, slushies don’t require any ice-cutting or chopping equipment. Just add your mixture to the slushie machine’s hopper, and it will freeze to the right texture in less than an hour. Machines can be set up for counter service or to enable customers to serve themselves.

While machine details vary between manufacturers, all slushie machines take advantage of a rotating auger that circulates the product through a freezing chamber, bringing the entire batch to a consistent texture and temperature. Two-bowl versions of this equipment are the most common, though some are available with one or three bowls to accommodate different flavor combinations.

Lower-volume slushie machines have capacities from 1 to 3 gallons per bowl, and each flavor is frozen in and dispensed from a single compartment. Higher-volume machines include two chambers per flavor. One chamber receives unfrozen mix and chills it to just above freezing, and then product from that chamber is automatically brought into the freezing chamber as the mix is dispensed. This two-compartment design is able to keep up with high demand and reduces the labor costs associated with the machine.

Many slushie machines can be connected to autofill systems that automatically top off each hopper from a bag-in-box syrup supply. This machine helps further cut down on the labor required for operation and guarantees there will always be product available when a customer wants to purchase a drink.

Most slushie machines can be used as margarita machines, but because drinks containing alcohol freeze at lower temperatures than drinks that do not, you must account for the slower freezing cycle and choose a machine that will be able to keep up with your demand for frozen adult beverages. For this reason, if you plan on dispensing more than a few margaritas in an hour, it’s wise to choose a heavy-duty slushie machine for dispensing frozen alcoholic beverages.

Commercial Juice Dispensers

When it comes to serving cold beverages such as juice, fruit drinks, and tea, you have many options to choose from. The simplest solution – the premix “bubbler” dispenser – is the best for serving drinks without pulp and mixes that don’t tend to foam when agitated. Bubblers can serve drinks mixed from powder as well as low-sediment juices, such as apple juice.

Bubblers get their name from a spray tube that pumps product from the bottom of the dispenser’s bowl up to the top, spraying it in a fountain pattern. This setup circulates product for even mixing and chilling.

For drinks that tend to froth – such as high-pulp orange juice, teas, and any product containing milk – you’ll want to choose a bubbler that’s built with an impeller rather than a spray tube. An impeller gently stirs the product to keep it circulated without causing it to froth.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance alternative to bubblers that serves premium juice drinks from concentrate, you’ll want to go with a gourmet cold beverage dispenser. These systems mix drinks on demand from a liquid concentrate that’s dispensed from bag-in-box containers.

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