Beverage + ICE Cream Equipment Cafe Restaurants

Beverage + ICE Cream Equipment Cafe Restaurants

Beverage + ICE Cream Equipment Cafe Restaurants from Federal Hospitality Equipment

All Cater Hospitality Equipment provides quality commercial beverage and drink equipment suited for all business needs – from slushy machines, blenders, vaccum pots, cereal dispensers, juice dispensers and granita machines – we are sure to discover the right product for you.

It is our mission to provide only the best equipment available from the leading manufacturers, we are the professional choice for commercial beverage equipment in Australia Federal Hospitality Equipment, at an exceptional price.

Our beverage appliances combine quality construction with unit efficiency in satisfying your customer’s thirsts. Discover the best beverage appliance for your business with leading equipment brand, kingo or you can select from All Cater significant range.

Contact us directly for further information on our drink equipment or we can also help provide useful advice on selecting the right commercial appliance for your business Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Three benefits of using used kitchen equipment are more straightforward than you would think


Used kitchen equipment will save you thousands in, starting a restaurant. High restaurant failure rate leads to restaurant kitchen equipment only being in service for around two years. (We have done our homework and find only the best material for you. We examine everything; rust, missing parts, Etc.)

Scoping Out the Deals 

Bigger, pricy pieces of kitchen equipment, such as stoves, ovens, refrigeration units are also a good deal when purchased used. Another point to remember about buying used equipment is that prices are not set in stone. You can often haggle the prices with dealers. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lesser rate when looking at used equipment

What restaurant supplies does your café need?

Our Pro’s Do It All: Provide, Install & Maintain

From soda fountains to most any frozen beverage machine, we offer a fantastic variety of beverage equipment and restaurant supplies. Tipton Equipment is one of the few distributors in Central Arkansas and beyond that can install and maintain your drink fountain or FCB. Same goes for bar equipment, custom draft beer systems, and chillers!

How Much Space for Restaurant Supplies Do You Have?

One of the most significant investments that go into opening a new café is in the kitchen. A commercial kitchen needs industrial-grade equipment that can withstand busy café use. The layout of a commercial kitchen should allow food/beverages to flow seamlessly from the prep area to the handoff plane.

Sometimes a new café has a fabulous location, but minimal kitchen space, which dictates the kind of restaurant supplies needed. You may want the six-burner gas range with a convection oven, but your kitchen will only fit a four-burner range.

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