Toasters Salamanders Conveyors Bench Top Electrical

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Toasters Salamanders Conveyors Bench Top Electrical

Toasters Salamanders Conveyors Bench Top Electrical by Federal Hospitality Equipmen

A baker’s dream, salamander grills and salamander ovens help reheat, melt or brown food, especially breads, pastries, bagels, toast, cheese, cakes and muffins.

We stock powerful electric, LPG and gas salamander ovens for choice and each one is built solid with a strong stainless-steel structure for longevity and durability.

Salamander ovens are bulky and heavy-duty made, meaning you’ll need to be selective when it comes to choosing the right position to place your unit within your commercial kitchen or workspace.

Salamander ovens can act as alternate toasters and utilise high temperatures, heat levels and fast cooking methods to deliver the tastiest heated snacks, breads and meals.

Ideal for your local bakery or café, who normally work in a very fast-paced process, salamander units work wonders and are a unique and special equipment to look out for in our cooking equipment variety.

Salamander Oven

A small broiler oven used to quickly brown, glaze, cook, broil, or toast various foods. The Salamander is often used to provide the nicely browned crust to a crème brûlée, an au gratin dish or toasted bread. The larger oven units are typically built to be mounted above a cooking range or on a wall. Smaller versions are also manufactured so they can be placed on a counter similar to a microwave . Designed by Federal Hospitality Equipment as electric or non-electric ovens, regardless of the heat source all Salamanders are used for the same purpose, browning the top of food dishes.Another form of a Salamander consists of a cast iron disk that is attached to the end of a long wooden handle. The disk is heated over a burner until it is red hot and then quickly passed close over the top of the food so that the heat from the disk browns the top of the food being prepared.

Conveyor Oven Buying Guide

Conveyor ovens move food products through a heated chamber at a constant speed. Conveyor belt speeds and temperatures are adjustable for consistent cooking of a high volume of similar products. The food is cooked using forced air impingement, radiant heat, or infrared heat.

What Is a Cooking Salamander?

Salamanders are generally open in front and have racks that easily slide in and out. They can be used to crisp up the top of dishes, toast sub sandwiches, melt cheese, or even be used for actual broiling duty or slow baking. As well, they may be used to keep dishes warm.

Sometimes, pizza places that sell by the slice will use a salamander to quickly re-melt the cheese and give you a nice hot slice of Federal Hospitality Equipment pizza. Although a salamander can be used to melt cheese, there is also a specific type of broiler, similar to the salamander, that is meant to be used as a cheese melter.

Salamanders, since they can be used for more than one duty, offer a better alternative for most kitchens, but are more expensive and less simple to use than cheese melters. Many sources conflate simple cheese melters with salamanders, mistakenly assuming that all such broilers are low-intensity broilers, but a high-quality unit can produce a varying range of heat, up to searing temperatures of above 1500°F.

Salamanders can even be used to broil steaks, which, despite what you may think, is a great way to cook a steak, comparable to grilling, but without the risk of blackening due to flare-ups. For a delicate piece of fish, such as a fillet of sole or flounder, a salamander broiler, and broiling in general, may be superior to grilling.

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