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Sous Vide

Sous Vide was developed in France in the 1970s and is the cooking of fish, meat or vegetables in a vacuum bag at a constant low temperature in a Bain Marie. Once an expensive and messy process, we offer a very low-cost option. Our Vide Bains Marie is so much easier to use, very affordable, capable of delicate & precise cooking and also reheating & holding food at a set temperature with our top brand Federal Hospitality Equipment

Sous vide is French for “under vacuum” is a cooking method that involves sealing the food in an air tight plastic pouch ideally using a vacuum sealer and cooking it in a water bath at a constant temperature typically around 55 ?C (131 ?F) to 60 ?C (140 ?F) for proteins and even higher for vegetables.

A vide can cook proteins, vegetables and fruits, intensifies flavours and maintains the beautiful succulent juices of the produce, without any risk of overcooking.

With vegetables it allows that they are cooked through without losing their texture and becoming undesirably soft.

With gamier or tougher cuts of protein it will cook and tenderize the protein ensuring for flavoursome mouth-watering dish without any risk of a dry end product.

The sous vide will always provide you with superior flavours and unique texture that tastes amazing!

What is sous vide cooking?

Once limited to the pros, sous vide (pronounced sue-veed) is a cooking technique that utilizes precise temperature control to deliver consistent, restaurant-quality results. High-end restaurants have been using sous vide cooking for years to cook food to the exact level of doneness desired, every time. The technique recently became popular for home cooks with the availability of affordable and easy-to-use sous vide precision cooking equipment like the Anova’s Vide Cooker.

Sous vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This technique produces results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method.

Sous vide cooking utilizes precise temperature control with circulation to produce results that you can’t achieve through any other cooking technique. The reason–when using traditional methods of cooking, you don’t have control over heat and temperature. Consequently, it’s very difficult and time consuming to consistently cook great food Federal Hospitality Equipment. Food ends up overcooked on the outside, with only a small portion in the center that is cooked to the temperature you want. Food loses flavor, overcooks easily, and ends up with a dry, chewy texture.

With precise temperature control in the kitchen, sous vide provides the following benefits:

Consistency. Because you cook your food to a precise temperature for a precise amount of time, you can expect very consistent results.

Taste. Food cooks in its juices. This ensures that the food is moist, juicy and tender.

Waste reduction. Traditionally prepared food dries out and results in waste. For example, on average, traditionally cooked steak loses up to 40% of its volume due to drying out. Steak cooked via precision cooking, loses none of its volume.

Flexibility. Traditional cooking can require your constant attention. Precision cooking brings food to an exact temperature and holds it. There is no worry about overcooking.

Advantages of sous vide cooking

 Why sous vide?

  • Federal Hospitality Equipment
  • Prime and secondary cuts of meat can be used
  • Many food items can be cooked overnight
  • Low energy consumption as opposed to oven/gas range
  • Shelf life is extended
  • Reduce portions/meat bills by up to 20% ~ profitability.
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