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Pie Warmer

Pie Warmer, food warmer, potentially hazardous food must be kept in food warmer as they are supposed to maintain hot temperature Federal Hospitality Equipment. And, always remember the fact that the food warmers must be hot prior to keeping hot potentially hazardous food into them. And, in the situation where the cooked food falls below 60° C, the product dropped to the danger zone and bacteria can grow.

All cater has most of the unit has 3 display adjustable shelves which work on thermostatic control 30 to 80°C. warmers are not limited to warming pies only, but it is also a great for cooked foods, toasted sandwiches. So, if you are running a pie shop or cafe, we have got you covered. These units are for commercial use and we do provide after sales support if you require any.

Benefits of using a food warmer

This machine can accept pans and there won’t be additional cost of buying special pans or containers to keep the food warm with. Many manufacturers will accept a person using the normal pans to keep their food in the warmer. There are however manufacturers who will advice on only using plastic pans and containers so that the machines effectiveness can be realized. Still, the additional equipments that a person buys for the storage of the food are not expensive.

A warmer will have a thermostat that will keep the food warm and it will also elongate the time which the warmer would have worked had it not been enhanced in terms of adding some more heat Federal Hospitality Equipment. The thermostat is very ideal in making the warmer the best place where food can be kept for long hours without the fear of having the food getting cold.

The Pie Warmer is easy to clean thus making it the perfect kitchen appliance. In many instances, people will get bored if the kitchen appliance that they are using keeps on getting dirty and at the same time is an extremely hard to clean appliance. Well, for the warmers, this is not the case since they have a smooth casing inside which prevents any stains getting permanently attached to the walls. It takes just a few minutes to clean its interior.

Pie warmers for Busy Canteens and Cafes

Everyone loves a good pie. It is somehow even more delicious when you have it warm, but you already knew that! What you may not know is how you can choose the best Pie warmer in the market, seeing as there are so many of them. The good thing is that All Cater Hospitality Equipment have the best Pie warmers and cabinets in the market and why your search for the best commercial pie warmer, especially if you run a canteen, is now over Federal Hospitality Equipment.

A commercial kitchen needs a good and reliable pie warmer – We have a large range of products that are just the kind of items that you need to keep food warm to feed an entire stadium of people as you can be sure you will have many hungry mouths to feed.

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