Hot Dog Machine

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Hot Dog Machine

Hot Dog Machine stores some of the best, hot dog rollers and grills within the commercial catering equipment industry with a slick and effective design to cook your meat. Our machines are built with a separate warming and grilling section and a heavy-duty build.

Check out our fantastic Hot Dog Machine to add versatility to your business, along with the various appliances within our cooking equipment range Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Hot dogs are always a delicious and yummy treat that patrons love. Many fast food stands, stadiums, cafés and restaurants utilise hot dog to create these tasty snacks for their customers with the ideal cooking levels specifically designed for juicy hot dog meat Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Types of Machines

Types of Hot Dog Machines

Hot dog steamer

Hot dog steamers are easy to use and maintain. They keep product fresh and do not require a large amount of time or attention. An added benefit is the steamer’s ability to cook hot dogs in as little as 10 minutes.

Hot Dog Roller Grills

Commonly found in self-serve areas of convenience stores, roller grills are usually placed toward the front of c-stores to encourage impulse sales. These grills cook hot dogs in under 10 minutes and hold as many as 75 hot dogs. It is suggested that a sneeze guard be placed in front or around the machine for hygienic purposes.

Bun Warmer

Bun warmers are purchased separately from hot dog machines and warm the bun to a specific temperature. The user is able to control the temperature and some machines incorporate a hidden dial feature to prevent others from tampering with the heat. Depending on size, bun warmers have a capacity of 144 buns and can range in temperature from 80° to 200°F.

Hot Dog Steamer / Bun Warmer Combo Unit

Hot dog machines are often constructed as a hot dog / bun steamer or a roller grill / bun warmer. This design improves cooking time since the hot dogs and buns are prepared simultaneously. These combinations can hold up to 300 hot dogs and 50 buns.

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