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Heat Lamp

Heat Lamp by Federal Hospitality Equipment

If you’re establishment or food service includes a buffet or food set for self-serving then it’s ideal to include one of our quality heat lamps. Our overhead infra-red keep your food warm and appetising for your guests, perfect for any restaurant, buffet or café.

At All Cater Hospitality Equipment we are one of the premier suppliers of Lamp and food warming equipment and appliances. We stock several dealers, suppliers and commercial kitchens around Australia with these units with Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Our Heat Lamp present your food in the best light within the safest warm temperatures, where you can showcase, create or cook your hot food .

Why Your Commercial Kitchen Needs Heat Lamps?

Restaurant owners understand the importance of holding temperatures and how short the window is to keep warm foods at proper temperatures. When foods fall below proper temperatures, the risk of foodborne illness and of dissatisfied customers increases Federal Hospitality Equipment. Commercial heat lamps act as a warming agent – with temperatures not high enough to continue cooking – that keeps prepared foods at the perfect temperatures for a short time until ready to be served to customers. Heat lamps should not be used for extended holding to prevent drying out product from the dry heat that is emitted from heat lamps. Because of this, heat lamps are ideal for

Hot Stuff

Heat lamps are commonly used to keep plated food warm for short periods of time until it’s taken to the customer. Heat lamps help already hot foods stay hot, holding proper, safe temperatures for a limited amount of time. How long and how hot the food will hold depends on the wattage and space between the food and the lamp and environmental considerations such as drafts and the ambient temperature of the restaurant. The starting temperature of the food itself and its density or ability to retain heat factor in as well.

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