Bench Top Heavy Duty Electric steamer display cabinet


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Bench Top Heavy Duty Electric steamer display cabinet

Bench Top Heavy Duty Electric steamer display cabinet

  • Double-Glazed display, good heat preservation and improve display effect
  • Stainless steel rack ensures strength and durability
  • One-piece moulded water tank, anti-leakage
  • Mechanical control, simple and reliable, easy to operate
  • Many safety precautions, eg. water level switch.
  • Moulded tank to prevent from leaking and rusting
  • Plastic water-inlet pipe which connects with water tank for easy water-inlet
  • Maximum temperature Up to 70° Degrees
  • 100°C Thermostat

Note: It is designed to keep food warm and this unit does not cook food.

1 Year Parts and Labour Warranty

3 Benefits of Industrial Heavy Duty Workbenches

What a better way to boost your warehouse productivity and safety on the job than by getting a durable industrial workbench. Heavy duty workbenches are made to last. Definitely worth the money you pay. Industrial heavy duty workbenches are a safe investment that yields high returns. Space is not the only thing you get from the industrial workbenches.

Beside being space-saviors, heavy duty workbenches provide full protection to the tools and materials stored. The good thing about these heavy duty workbenches is that they require low maintenance and have close-to-none replacement costs. And what’s most important, you can upgrade the same with extra shelves if needed. Let’s point out some of the benefits heavy duty workbenches have,


The reason why most businesses opt for these workbenches is that they can withstand operational.

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