Bench Top Chip Warmer

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Bench Top Chip Warmer

Bench Top Chip Warmer are great for crafting hot, crisp, ready to serve, delicious chips and french fries has some of the best chip warmers on the market. Our food warmers retain the flavours and textures of your snacks and are a great inclusion into your commercial kitchen from Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Ideal for a busy fast food restaurant, takeaway store or for assisted service catering, chip warmers ensure nothing but great taste, quality and the crispness of your fries, which, for many establishments, are a commonplace side dish.

Our warming Bench Top Chip Warmer are constructed with stainless steel for long term durability and provide flawless warmth for that golden-brown colour. These warmers, along with our catering equipment items, are made for perfected service Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Chip warmers are used in restaurants, cafes, and takeaway to maintain the temperature & crispness of hot chips once they’ve been cooked

. They are often used during busy service hours to maintain the quality, heat and crispness of fried chips before being served to customers. How to make sure your French fries are always crisp and tasty? Simple, keep them in a commercial chip warmer. At Snowmaster, we have a chip warmers from reputable brands such Allcater. Our equipment is designed to keep food warm at the correct serving temperature, guaranteeing the quality and freshness of your product. If fried chips are in regular demand at your food establishment, you need a chip warmer to ensure the quality of your chips is good even during the busiest times. Snowmaster brings you everything you could need for a commercial kitchen, restaurant, café or catering business. Browse our complete range of commercial kitchen equipment today.

Keep your food warm and fresh with Leading Catering Equipment’s commercial food warmers

We stock a wide range of heated food equipment including our signature bain marie cabinets for interior convenience, eye-catching hot food displays at your store fronts, compact soup pots for soup lovers in the Winter, chafing dishes for grand buffets, Bench Top Chip Warmer for side dishes, overhead heating lamps for food prep within your commercial kitchen and pie warmers for those hot pastries and meats.

These appliances are well suited to bakeries, takeaway stores, buffets, cafeterias, pizza shops, fast food places or restaurants seeking a high-quality unit from one of the most qualified catering brands Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Our equipment is made with tough, quality stainless steel for long-term use and durability, heating elements to retain the ideal serving temperatures for your hot food, display cabinets within our display units and counter top benches for storing ingredients, stock and tools.

We sell units in a variety of sizes with different functions, ensuring that you have a broad range of the finest equipment on offer. This gives you plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the best for your business.

Check out our line-up of the finest food warmers within the catering equipment industry, made to serve soup, chilli, wraps/burritos, meat and pastries at the warmest levels for pure enjoyment.

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