Baker Max Bakery Ovens + Stands

Baker Max Bakery Ovens + Stands

Baker Max Bakery Ovens + Stands Our steel pizza prep benches act as both tables and supply stations to create your pizzas and store your ingredients above and below in a refrigerated environment. We also have pizza shaping machines and tools such as our dough rollers, dough rounders, moulders, shapers and dividers for smoothing out and shaping your soft mix,

Baker Max  is heavy-duty made and bound to last for a lifetime. We stock quality pizza ovens including German black panther ovens, which are powerfully built and constructed in a variety of sizes to fit into any commercial kitchen with ease. These ovens are able to cook your pizzas with absolute precision and heat for the ideal taste Baker Max Bakery Ovens + Stands.

Product Flexibility

In our industry flexibility is important. You need an oven that will not only provide you with the ability to bake the products you offer now but also the freedom to quickly adjust your product line to accommodate emerging trends. Rack ovens offer this versatility. A wide variety of sweet goods – cookies, cakes, pies, muffins, pastries, croissants, to name just a few – are ideal for rack oven baking. Turn on the steam and you can produce amazing breads and bagels. Savory items like roasted meats and vegetables are also an excellent rack oven choice.  The potential is almost endless Baker Max Bakery Ovens + Stands.

The benefits of different types of bakery equipment

If you are planning to start your own bakery, then you need different types of bakery equipment to make things easier. These machines are not similar to what you may find in a house.
They are basically large sized pans, pots and some equipment that many people aren’t even aware of. For your bakery to run properly and generate profits everything that you prepare needs to be on large scale and your bakery equipment should support you in producing everything in bulk. These machines not only produce bakery products in large quantities but also help speed up a number of tasks.

Let’s have a look at some common bakery equipment and how they work to make your job easy.

Planetary Mixer

The planetary mixer comprises of a non-rotating fixed bowl. The main feature of this mixer is the number of attachments it consists of that are helpful when mixing. You can get the planetary mixers in both floor models and tabletop models to meet your needs. You will find this mixer in almost every bakery or pastry shop due to its versatility. Pastry shop or bakery owners use the paddle attachment of this mixer to blend or for creaming products. It includes scones, pie, crust dough, cake filling, cookie dough etc.

The attachment specially designed for whipping is used to aerate specific mixtures like sponge cake, mousse, whipped cream etc. The dough attachment that comes with this mixer is used in bread bakeries and pizza shops.

Bread Slicers

When you own a bakery you need to serve a lot of customers and you need everything to be done at a faster rate. When you install bread slicing equipment, you can get maximum results without any hassles. The bread slicer equipment takes care of your safety and helps you cut cakes, bagels, bread loaves in higher quantities without any risk of injuries. The bread slicer will give you an immediate and perfect cut for bread loaves, cakes, pastry etc.

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