Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen

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Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen

Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen high-quality grills and outdoor kitchen equipment line is built to exceptional standards by Federal Hospitality Equipment Solutions, a major player in the commercial cooking equipment industry for over 45 years.

These  units are built to exceptional standards with durable steel construction, interior storage capacity and multi-function uses . Contact us directly for further information and a great deal on our catering equipment range and our outdoor kitchen machines.

This custom Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Project was finished early 2016, and is truly one of the most completely stocked outdoor kitchens we’ve done to date. The L shape design of this outdoor kitchen is perfect for corners, and allows to maximize interior space. The simple one level concept with no backsplash allows for a modern open look and finish. The dimensions of this outdoor kitchen are 12 feet of BBQ Island counter standard

Benefits of Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens

Having an outdoor area where you can sit, relax, breath in some fresh air, wine and dine and have fun is a dream come true for many people. Instead of staying inside when the weather is warm, being able to spend a bigger portion of the day outdoors can seriously improve one’s mood and increase the overall level of happiness. That is why more and more people are striving to take their indoor kitchen outdoors.

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