Beer Dispensing Equipment


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Beer Dispensing Equipment

You spent a lot of money on Beer and you should do what you can to protect your investment. Our Beer Dispensing Equipment will not only keep your Beer at the optimal storage temperature, but also at the perfect humidity level. Many of our wine refrigerators have multiple zones that can keep different types of wines at different temperatures. Keeping your Beer and wine at a constant temperature allows them to mature correctly and minimizes the chances of your Beers spoiling. By controlling the humidity level you can reduce the risk of cork rot. There is nothing worse than opening up the expensive bottle that you have been saving for a special occasion only to discover cork rot, your money and time all poured down the drain, literally . These Beer dispensing equipment use a state of the art thermoelectric cooling process that does not use a compressor or Freon like your kitchen refrigerator, this is important because a compressor vibrates which would unsettle the sediment in your fine wines which can disrupt the aging process. Furthermore the lack of Freon is much more environmentally friendly. A direct-draw beer dispensing equipment is the perfect way to supply frosty brews to thirsty customers at your nightclub, restaurant bar, or any business party hosting facility.

Beer Dispensing Equipment will help to protect and age your wines as they should be handled, further, they will allow your wines to always be at the ready at the optimal serving temperature. If you want to customize this beer dispenser even further then you can also choose from different models with other LED lighting, condenser locations, and items that is designed to store and server beer or wine. .

The Beer Dispensing Equipment

Crafted for the beer enthusiast and it includes as standard Stainless steel tops with drain line and drip trays. It is compact, easy to use, easy to maintain and is ideal for an alfresco area or even better the man cave.

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