Alfresco Equipment Cafe Restaurants

Alfresco Equipment Cafe Restaurants

Alfresco Equipment Cafe Restaurants high-quality grills and outdoor kitchen equipment line is create to exceptional standards by Federal Hospitality Equipment Solutions, a major player in the commercial cooking equipment industry for over 45 years.

These Alfresco Equipment Cafe Restaurants units are create to exceptional standards with durable steel construction, interior storage capacity and multi-function uses. Contact us directly for further information and a great deal on our catering equipment range and our outdoor kitchen machines .

We stand behind every product we sell and will help you to find the ideal equipment unit, whether you are fitting out a commercial kitchen, large restaurant or smaller cafe shop Similarly . Our catering equipment is available for purchase with a wide range on offer including bakery equipment, benchtop equipment, beverage & drink equipment, commercial fryers, gas & electric cooking ranges, combi/steam & convection ovens, kebab machines and pizza equipment.

Benefits of Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens

Having an outdoor area where you can sit, relax, breath in some fresh air, wine and dine and have fun is a dream come true for many people. Instead of staying inside when the weather is warm, being able to spend a bigger portion of the day outdoors can seriously improve one’s mood and increase the overall level of happiness. That is why more and more people are striving to take their indoor kitchen outdoors,

Why introduce al fresco dining?

  • Al fresco dining helps restaurants, bars and cafes to remain open safely post-lockdown, keeping staff and customers safer while helping to maintain the economy.
  • Restaurants can capitalise on the festive vibe that outdoor dining provides. When a restaurant has guests eating outside, passing pedestrians can get a feel for the atmosphere and energy of a venue without even needing to see the interior.
  • Al fresco dining for restaurants is particularly popular in summer, with many guests preferring to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air than being stuck indoors. This is likely to be truer than ever, post-lockdown
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